Softball Accessories To Improve Your Game

Softball Accessories To Improve Your Game
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You can certainly get by with only the basics in softball, but there are some accessories available that might be able to improve your game. The essentials you’ll need for softball include a bat, glove, uniform and cleats. Without them, you likely wont be eligible to play in the game. However, we’re about to reveal some accessories which aren’t necessary, but may help improve your game.

100% UV Protected Sunglasses
All players should be wearing sunglasses when they’re on the field. Allowing the sunlight to beam directly into your eyes isn’t only bad for you game, it’s bad for your eye health as well. Look for a pair of sunglasses which are 100% UV protected and fit well on your head. If you purchase sunglasses which are too large, they’ll likely fall off and be a distraction as you’re trying to go for the ball.

Outfielders should especially be wearing sunglasses during the game. When you’re out in center field and trying to find the ball launched your way, the sun can really throw you off. Although, wearing a pair of sunglasses will allow you to have greater visibility and focus while playing your position.

Batter’s Guard

A batter’s guard is a protective wrap that goes over your non-prominent elbow. For instance, if you bat right-handed, you’ll want to place it over your left elbow. The purpose of a batter’s guard is to prevent elbow injury from misthrown balls. As you probably know, elbows are one of the easiest places to injure when you play softball. If a ball lands on it, you can be in world of hurt and may even have to sit out the rest of the game.

Wrist Guard

Similar to a batter’s guard, a wrist guard is a small protective piece which wraps around the wrist. Not only will help protect against ball injury, but it will help prevent injury from sliding into bases. While not everyone uses them, I personally find wrist guards to be helpful item that naturally feels good to wear.
Batting Gloves

A good pair of high-quality gloves will allow you to get a better grip on the bat. In turn, a better grip will translate into a more accurate and powerful swing. Avoid gloves which don’t fit properly, as they’ll do more harm than good. Take some time trying on a few different pairs of gloves to find one that contours to the shape of your hands.

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Softball Traning Exercises

Softball Traning Exercises

No matter how good you “think” you are at softball, there’s always room for improvement. One of the best ways to improve your game is to perform some of these softball training exercises I’m about to share with you. Click here now if you want more tips tricks and advice.

Shoulder Press

When you increase your upper body strength, you’ll find yourself hitting the ball significantly harder. A shoulder press is one of the best exercises for increasing your upper body strength, as well as arm muscles. First, hit the gym and find either barbell or pair of dumbbells. The ideal weight for your shoulder press should be the maximum amount that you can perform 10 reps with. Lay down on the weight bench and have someone spot you while you do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Bicep Curls

While you’re at the gym, you should practice on building those bicep muscles. While everyone has a different view on what the ideal number of reps is, I recommend sticking with 3 sets of 10 reps using the heaviest weights you can physically lift. Remember to perform your bicep curls in a swift manner and inhale as you lift and exhale as you lower.

Core Training

Possibly the most important type of exercise for softball is core training exercises. Best of all, there are plenty of core exercises which require no special equipment or gym to perform them. Start by performing an exercise known as “the plank” by laying flat on the ground and lift your body up while placing all of your weight on your forearms. When done correctly, your body should be completely flat with just the tips of your toes and forearms touching the ground. Hold this position for as long as possible, rest and repeat. The plank sounds simple enough, but trust me, you’ll start to feel it in your stomach and core after a few good exercises.


There can’t be enough said about the importance of upper body strength and how it translates to performance on the softball field. When you don’t have the luxury of going to the gym, you should try to do as many push-ups as you physically can. Go all the way down and keep your body straight as possible. Count out loud during this exercise to keep track of how many you’re doing and try to beat that number the next day you perform them.


It’s easy to forget about recovery when you’re too focused on exercising and lifting weights. However, if you don’t give your body the necessary time to recover, your muscles will not only be sore, but they’ll be vulnerable to strains and further damage as well. When performing strength training exercises, always give yourself the following day off for recover. So, lift weights one day, recover the following day, and lift again on day three.

Max Bats – Old is Still Gold!

max-bats‘The days of the wooded baseball bats are gone’, this kinds of talks was being circulated all over about five years back, and so all the companies shifted to metal alloy bats but one of them decided to stick to the original wood bats and still manufactures them and they are the best. The company is Max Bats – They have been in this business for a long time and knew that metal may rule but it cannot create the mass hysteria that the wooded bats have and they were right! The starters prefer to use the wooden bats to improve their skills and even the pros use them to make sure that their swing is still the best. This is because the new age metal alloy bats are lightweight and also have a better sweet spot and so many a times the swing gets corrupted and also the player is not able to transfer the energy from the body to the ball.
The advantage with the Max bats is that they are wooden, but can deliver the same punch as the metal ones, if not better. The range of bats available with Max Bats is just not comparable. All the bats are available in over 100 colors and with the option of customizing it i.e. you can get the name of your favorite baseball player engraved in the barrel, or the picture can be inserted and even your initials can be added and all this at no extra cost! Isn’t that just amazing!

Over twenty designs are made available and all of them are pieces of beauty, truly amazing. These bats are specifically to be used by any one and everyone i.e. who ever wishes to play the sport. The model available can be summarized into mainly three categories:

1) For the beginners: Just starting your baseball career then one can choose from Model nos. C21, 118, 191X, 243. All these are thick handled bats for better control of the bat and also this feature improves the life span. The bats will make the swing proper, because of the weight you will not be able to swing in the wrong way, so the better you learn the basics here, the lesser you will get injured when you become a professional.

2) For the Amateurs: This series is for the school and college level and the choice starts getting more and more difficult and one has to choose from model nos. TYS, 141, B21, A10 and H2. These are big barreled and any power hitter’s dream bat, as it feels as if it swings automatically once you set it in motion. Thus the hitter just as to start and everything else is the bats job. So convenient! This will help you to get noticed and get selected for the next level.

3) The Pros: The Max Bats are the pros most preferred bats. The strong barrel, the woody feel and above all the connection with the ball gives such a satisfaction that no metal bat can give and the models are so many that it will take a whole page just to list them.

So remain loyal to the wood Max Bats and see what it has to offer.